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The fashion trends of the last seasons, especially in the knitwear field, are more and more stretched to research yarns with a soft and bulky touch.
The main innovations achieved with GL 2000 consist in the production of a finished yarn obtained by a semi-finished material made of any fibre, combed or carded, which is being blown inside a tubular net. The material can be either a flaked off staple of roving frame or finisher , a twisted or single end of fancy or tweed thread.
The result of such a combination grants a lot of advantages and in particular:
- maximum volume of the yarn , especially those with a tubular net
- extreme lightness and elasticity of the yarns with 10 to 40 % core net
These combined characteristics allow saving 30 to 40% of weight on a knitted piece, which will have then an extremely bulky and soft touch.
GL 2000 machine has been designed and conceived with high versatility functions, in order to fulfil the various exigencies of the future operators. Each production block is composed by 24 spindles with independent rail, aspirator, fix driving head or palm device for entering each item�s datas.
The driving head or the palm device can drive till 15 production blocks made of 24 spindles each.
Among the 24 spindles it is possible to activate a partial driver of 2 spindles which becomes independent, allowing each production block to run till 12 different articles or colours , with different programs.
Further to above described yarns, GL 2000 can also produce simple or fancy ribbon yarns, tubular or tubular and simultaneously twisted yarns. By some additional simple modifications then, some special flat stripe yarn may also be obtained. In this way the buyer will have a wide range of possible items at disposal, with a sole machine which can be used in every specific class of yarns according to the various exigencies: classic, fancy, for knitwear, for weaving, for furnishing or apparel in general.
Thanks the combination of the ring with the most suitable spindle it is possible to achieve a range of counts going from Nm 500 till Nm 15000.
The number of spindles suggested to employ an operator 100% is depending on the count chosen. Indicatively if the count is Nm 2000 the operator can be employed on 5 working blocks of 24 spindles each, with a production of approximately 330 kgs of yarn in the 8 hours, which are becoming then approximately 1000 kgs in the 24 hours.
Synthetically the production capacity is granted by a speed which is normally not lower than 12mt/min and this is thanks the use of cams made of special tempered steel, which guarantees a decennial endurance and a remarkable rapidity of motion.
The easy check of the cores through the sensors, the possibility of inspection on the little card, the control on the forming of the net and the high speed of change of the needles let GL 2000 be a very versatile and easy running machine.
Another very peculiar characteristic of this machine are the motors, based every 2 spindles with high acceleration capacities and offering an easily turning from one article to the other, in a large range of items. The electronic component of our machine is tested on a 20 years experience and the constant improvement of same has let us reduce the mechanic component considerably, reducing also the maintenance and limiting the number and the length of interventions. By said electronic improvement switching from one item to the other has become easier and quicker.
The machine is equipped with a production capacity control system which can show the total quantity related to a single item, the timing of machine setting for a single item, the timing of discharge and the number of interventions on a single spindle. Besides, the supervision on the spindle rails allows to organize the discharge of the machine by one block at time, sothat the others may run independently.

Driving head and working block


  Company GL2000 Manufacturing Sale Contacts  

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